About Us

You have choices, why choose us?

We want every household in the United States to be exciting, loving, and elegant.

ExBode is a service provided by Clean Strategies, LLC dedicated to helping the residents of the United States enjoy their homes to the fullest. ExBode is about the mission to help every family enjoy an elegant house.

Neil Sanders – General Manager

About Neil

I started my journey in the cleaning profession at age 16 in my home town of Columbia, MO. The company I worked for at the time focused strictly on recurring maid services in the upscale areas of town. What I loved about it was going into these beautiful homes like none I had ever seen before and being part of helping keep the beauty alive. My time with Columbia Helping Hands (the company I had worked for) ended after two years when I thought I might want to change career paths.

Between working for Columbia Helping Hands and opening ExBode LLC a lot of things happened. I had found my love for tacos, leading me to develop management skills on my way to becoming kitchen manager at the growing taco joint Seoul Taco. Around the same time I had also became a shift lead at a local costume rental shop, Gotcha Costumes. It was a lot of work to handle both but I managed to hustle through the 70 hour work weeks. But when you’re 18 years old, 70 hour weeks aren’t bad.

It was the summer of 2016 when I decided to head to Fayetteville, Arkansas to further my career. I had landed a job at a Qdoba Mexican Eats where they were in the middle of a management transition and they had hired me on to become a future GM. A year later, after trying to push through the noise and help someone else’s company grow I had learned my lesson. No one can take care of customers, employees, or myself the way I can. I evaluated the situation, remembered all the things I loved throughout my past, and April 4th, 2017 I founded ExBode LLC.

Since I opened ExBode that spring, life has been great and my knowledge and outlook on life has changed immensely. I’m more focused than ever. I am seeing people’s lives change on the daily by bringing peace of mind to the household through a clean house. I look forward to growing as a cleaning professional and a business to continually deliver high quality service to the residencies of Northwest Arkansas.


Hannah Mangrum – General Manager

About Hanna

I was dating Neil Sanders, the founder and co-owner of EXBODE LLC when the company first started. At first, I was only moral support for the company. I would help him hand out flyers, and I rode with him all around Northwest Arkansas to find real estate,  and apartment management connections. It slowly started a process of me helping him clean houses and apartments. Eventually I quit my job at the donut shop, quit going to college, and started working with Neil full time.

It’s funny, I used to hate cleaning. In fact, I was only going to college so I would never have to clean ever again. I was so tired of having to clean in restaurant and retail jobs. But, it’s different when cleaning a home. I get satisfaction from cleaning someone else’s home. I love to see the difference I can make in someone’s home and life. I don’t view cleaning as “my job,” I see it as what I love to do. It’s fun, entertaining, and downright amazing. I don’t feel stuck in one place for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. My environment is always changing.  I’m at a different home each day, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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