Gutter cleaning are an important task for your home’s well-being. Your gutters serve to control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation and even landscape. This job tends to be the last thing on our mind when it comes to home maintenance, here’s why you don’t want to make that mistake.

Why is gutter cleaning so important?

If you have a tendency to ignore your gutters, eventually, they’ll pull away from the house -and that’s when the damage will be discovered! The siding, the foundation and even the landscaping can be ruined!

Protect the value of your home!

Gutters allow rainwater to keep from collecting on the roof, along the side of the house and at the home’s foundation. When they’re clogged by leaves and other debris, the water can’t run through them. This sounds harmless enough right? Well you would be wrong! Neglecting your gutters can have very expensive and even dangerous consequences! These 3 are the most important reasons behind gutter cleaning:

1) Rot

Whether the gutters have pulled away from your house your they’re simply overflowing, if water can’t run through your gutters, it has to go somewhere! This causes your siding to rot, become stained and creates dams that can trap ice in the winter. The roof can also rot because of this! That means expensive repairs and replacements for you in the future! Yikes!

2) Pests

Especially here in the south, we know that mosquitoes, and other pests, are attracted to standing water. If your gutters are filled with debris, it creates a mosquitos paradise right at your front door! This could just be a mild inconvenience that makes your time in your yard unpleasant, or (knock on wood) you could be inviting dangerous diseases that these pest carry like the West Nile Virus into your home! Nobody wants that.

3) Foundation Issues

We all know the most important part of any building is a strong foundation. However, if your gutters are broken or overflowing, they can’t direct water away from your home’s foundation or send it into your yard to be absorbed!  Like we said before, the water drips down, and can lead to mold and rot indoors, and eats away at your foundation. This can be super expensive to repair and can make your home less stable.


Still don’t wanna tackle the job? We know who does!

Here’s gutter cleaning services near you for you to look into or get a free estimate directly from us today!

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