Your home is beautiful and you keep it looking super clean all the time. But sometimes it’s the areas that you overlook that stops your home from having that true “like new” shine. This is the most common areas overlooked while cleaning. I hope the list will help you recognize where most people miss while cleaning so you don’t ever overlook an area again!

Clean the Bottom of Your Toilets

The grooves under the toilet catch a lot of unnoticed dust, urine, and unwanted bacteria. This area of your toilet should be cleaned bi-weekly and definitely more frequently in bathrooms used by young males.

Dirty base of toilet that hasnt been cleaned in a while.

Disinfect Your Toilet Paper Dispensers

Have you ever thought about what you do when you use this dispenser? Do I need to say more? This area of your bathroom is full of bacteria and is hardly ever cleaned in any home.

Dust Your Ceiling Fans

It’s not that you don’t know dust collects on your ceiling fans but these areas are frequently missed. To avoid the need of heavy cleaning in the future, take 2 minutes a month to dust these areas. If you keep up with them, it’s as easy as rubbing a duster on them.

Clean Fingerprints, Dust, and Scuffs off of Interior Doors

It’s not something that typically needs to be done more than once or twice a year but it is over looked. To keep a house looking nice and elegant clean your doors yearly.

Heavily Clean Cabinets Above Stove

All cabinets need to be cleaned more frequently than you are cleaning them, but we want to focus on the cabinets directly above the stove most. These cabinets get grease covered and look aged much faster that the rest of the cabinets. Clean these after every heavy cooking and remember to use your stove vent every time.

Clean Your Stove Vent

These areas are expected to get grease and should be cleaned yearly to insure long lasting and properly working stove vents.

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Dust Air-Conditioning Intake Vents

Air is constantly circulating through your home. To help your home from accumulating dust clean these vents when you change your air filters.

Clean and Disinfect the Inside of Your Drains

You have no idea how many times I’ve gone to clean around a garbage disposal and have found the most nasty case of mold and fungi.

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Dust and Clean all the Baseboards in Your Home

I’ve noticed that clean baseboards make a home look 1000X newer. It’s not hard but let’s be honest, it’s also not fun. Yearly or every 6 months, take some time to go over them with a damp cloth to get all the nasty dust and gunk off.

Dust all of Your Window Blinds

Did you ever notice your blinds get dirty? Take a quick moment to look over yours and I bet they are. Be gentle and dust these about every 2 months to keep them looking like new!


Now you know the areas of the home that are typically neglected. Use this knowledge to keep your home looking like new and happy cleaning!

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