I’ve tried a few bath and tile brushes but Urger’s is flipping amazing!

The 2-in-1 Bath and Tile Brush by Unger is a crazy little tool that can help you power through any shower or bath cleaning project. The magic is in the handle, the magic’s in the bristles! But don’t take my word for it, watch the video below!

What’s so special about this brushes vs. other bathroom cleaning brushes?

Bristles that aren’t to stiff and aren’t to soft

The bristles on this brush are perfect for digging deep into small grooves and aren’t stiff enough to leave a scratch.

The bristles at the front of the brush for corner scrubbing

With this brush cleaning shower corners are easy. Just adjust your grip and scrub away using the front of the brush instead of the bottom.

The handle is in the shape of a triangle for extra grip for super scrubbing power

Grab the handle from the back for forward backward scrubbing or spin the scrubbing brush around and hold the triangle by the front and the back for side to side scrubbing motion.



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