Laundry is one of those things that no one likes doing. It’s boring, time-consuming and depending on living situation doing laundry can be extremely inconvenient. For people that live in homes with no in-unit washer or dryer, this is going to be a task that’s always going to be a bit difficult. For people that have in-unit hookups, I’ll help you enjoy clean laundry without the stress!

1. Never Put Clean Laundry In A Basket

The biggest mistake I’ve made while doing laundry is putty clean laundry back in a laundry basket. It’ a bad habit for two reasons.

  1. Someone else might mix it up for dirty laundry
  2. I’ve found throwing clean laundry straight of the dryer into a basket makes it easier to get it out of the way and push off folding and putting it away.

The alternative is to keep the top of your dryer 100% cleared off and well dusted. Use this space as a folding area. As you grab clothes out of the dryer fold it and stack it on top of the dryer. When you have finished unloading your dryer put the laundry away.

2. Do Small Loads Daily Or Every Other Day

Depending on your families size you might want to choose daily or every other day. The goal here is to do much smaller loads. When you take on smaller tasks it makes the tasks seem much easier and not as much like a sluggish chore.

My wife and I are the only two people in out household. We still run the washer and dryer daily. It makes the doing laundry task super easy and quick. The best perk is we now never have laundry sitting around everywhere!

3. Don’t Throw Clothes On The Floor Or In A Hamper

  1. Clothes on the floor is tacky and makes your entire home look messy.
  2. Leaving dirty clothes in a hamper or behind doors is a sure way to forget about them.

Instead, always take your clothes directly to the washer and throw them in. (Obviously, sort whites. Lucky for me we almost always wear dark colors.)

4. Never Leave Your Home While Laundry Is In A Cycle

A sure way to forget about your laundry and have nasty smelling “clean” clothes is to leave your home while you are doing laundry. The next day you will wake up “where is my shirt?” and then realize it’s stiff, smelly, and still sitting in the washing machine.

You’re busy, again, I get it. If you have to leave tell someone that is home or will be home soon, set phone reminders for later in the day, or set a time delay so the cycle is ending after you get home.


Laundry is a huge chore and a TON of work. No one likes to do it and it’s extremely inconvenient. Luckily for us, there are processes we can take to help us stay on top of our laundry tasks. My biggest tip is to just do it and get it done as quick as possible. Add laundry to your to-do goal list every day. Follow these practices and soon your friends will wonder how you are so good about staying on top of laundry!

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