5 Questions To Ask While Hiring A Gutter Cleaning Service Provider


While on your search for a gutter cleaning professional I’m sure the number one question that’s on your mind is “will they do a good job?”. This is an important question but I believe there are other just as important questions to ask. These are the 5 questions you should ask every gutter cleaning service provider to insure the job gets done right.

1. Is The Service Provider Bonded & Insured?

Hiring a company that has both bond and insurance is vitally important while allowing any technician onto your property. Confirming that technicians are properly insured can protect homeowners in case of slips or falls off ladders and roofs. Bonds, on the other hand, will protect the homeowner against misplaced or damaged items on the property while the service provider is on your property.

2. Will The Service Provider Properly Clean Up Spilled Leafs & Gutter Gunk?

I’ve heard it, and I’ve seen it. Homeowners hiring kids or unprofessional service providers to clean out their gutters. The next thing you know your yards a discussing mess. To ensure the gutter cleaning service provider is going to clean up after themselves, ask them if they do. Cleaning up gutter rubbage is easy and is the service providers responsibility.

3. Does The Service Provider Offer A Subscription Service?

The best way to ensure your gutters, yard and homes foundation has a long and healthy life cycle find a service that will come clean your gutters every few months. Servicing your home’s gutters regularly ensures that your gutters are never clogged up and it even cuts your price for service down a ton.

4. How Much Do They Charge?

An obvious question. You want a great bang for your buck. A great service for a great price. I always suggest searching market. If someone is priced low, why are they priced so low? Maybe they charge so low because their service doesn’t offer much value. If someone is priced high, are they actually giving enough value to charge such an amount?

5. Is The Service Provider Able To Give The Consumer A Personalized & Friendly Service?

Bad customer service, no one wants it. I would honestly pay someone double just to make me feel good and conferrable. How can you tell if a service provider can provide great customer service? Simply ask them how they stay organized, observe if you feel like the service provider is trustworthy, and go with your gut.


Ask these 5 questions while searching for your next gutter cleaning service. Some are more important than others but all of them will help make sure you get the best service possible.

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  • Thoroughly cleaning out gutters
  • Cleaning gutter downspouts
  • Checking gutters for damages
  • Minor gutter repairs


  • Two story homes ($69 FREE!)
  • Roof sweeping ($19 value FREE!)
  • Exterior gutter cleaning ($49 value FREE!)
  • Roof soft wash ($19 value FREE!)

One Time Visits Starting At

$149 $119


  • Thoroughly cleaning out gutters
  • Cleaning gutter downspouts
  • Checking gutters for damages
  • Minor gutter repairs
  • Roof sweeping

Add Ons:

  • Two story homes ($69)
  • Roof sweeping ($19)
  • Exterior gutter cleaning ($49)
  • Roof soft wash ($19)

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