Did Mother’s Day sneak up on you again this year? Not to worry! Whether you’re short on time or money, these amazing Mother’s Day gifts are sure to beat anything you you could buy in a store! 

It’s that time of year again! Mother’s Day is just around the corner and for those last minute folks out there here are a few ideas that may mean more to her than any gift you could can find in a store. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for all the hard work and dedication of our mamas so here’s 6 easy ways to let your mom know how loved and appreciated she is:

Cook Dinner

Let’s be real, we’ve all seen our mom stress over dinner. From planning out what to make, to shuffling around the grocery store, to cleaning up the aftermath of the meal… it can sure take a lot out of you. It’s easy to take for granted how special a home cooked meal with family can be, so this Mother’s Day surprise your mom with a meal from the heart! This meal is to celebrate the most important woman in your life, so roll up your sleeves, fire up the stove, and make your mom her favorite foods. If you’re not very confident in the kitchen, recruit some siblings and tag team (we know moms love when you all can get along, so be sure to brag about it over dinner). Get out the nice china, tablecloth, and decorate the table with her favorite flowers and candles to really make the occasion special. Afterwards -you guessed it- volunteer for dish duty while your mom enjoys some desert.

Lawn Work

Spring is here and nothing says spring like the smell of freshly cut grass! Lots of moms love being in their yard or garden, from the fresh air, the warm sun, or just a nice break away from their normal day to day. However, mowing the lawn and pulling up weeds hardly sounds like the relaxation we want our moms to have on this special day. So start up that mower and grab your weed eater! A freshly manicured lawn can make your home look brand new and by getting those mundane chores out of the way your mom will be free to garden in peace or just sit and relax in her nice fresh yard. Go ahead and whip her up a cold glass of lemonade while she does for bonus points!

Make Something

In a mother’s eyes, anything you make is a work of art. Handmade gifts are special because they’re one-of-a-kind and come from the heart. From a simple card to an elaborate scrapbook, this gift is sure to be one that your mom will cherish forever. Is your mom particularly crafty? Invite her in on the fun! Grab some snacks and supplies and spend some quality time, not only will she love the finished product but she also gets to keep the memories of working on it with you! If you need inspiration, get it from your mama. Think about some of her favorite things and work from there! Is she a bookworm? Make some bookmarks! Does she always have her camera? Make an arrangement of her favorite shots in some customized frames! Spruce up her porch with some DIY windchimes, or decorated flower pots -this gift is as special as your imagine will allow!

Plan A Game Night

Nowadays it’s easy to get caught up in our busy lives, and forget to make time for family. Today is a perfect day to clear your schedule for the evening, turn off your phone, and bust out your favorite board games with your loved ones. Family game nights are a popular tradition for good reason! It’s important to unplug and have face to face time with those that matter most to you. Make sure you plan ahead so everyone can make it. Nothing can make your mom smile more than seeing all of her favorite people under the same roof for an evening. Start with your mom’s favorite card or board games and make a tournament out of it by keeping score (I’m not saying let her win, but you should probably let her win). Make sure you pick a location that can comfortably fit everyone, order some pizzas, and crack some jokes, and who knows? You might even want to make it a weekly event! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Peace And Quiet

As much as your mom loves you, let’s be honest, sometimes she just wants a nice date with herself. So set one up for her! Find out what she needs to take care of or any responsibilities she needs to tend to and do them for her. Clear her to-do list and let her escape for awhile. Grab her a good book, glass of wine, draw her a bath, then leave her alone! If you want to really go the extra mile, set her up with a nice bath gift basket. Bubble bath, epsom salts, bath bombs, candles, or essential oils are the icing on top of this thoughtful gift. Everyone needs some time to reflect on their day and gather their thoughts, afterwards your mom will be relaxed, refreshed, and really thankful!

Tidy Up

Nobody can keep a household clean and organized like a mom, but nobody’s perfect! Find out what needs done around the house and get it done! Do your mama proud while she enjoys the day that’s all about her. This gift is best as a surprise, so plan with family a way to get mom out of the house so she is none the wiser. Time is a big factor in this gift, so start with your least favorite chore and work your way from their. Focus on big picture projects and then move onto to the little details. Multi-task! While the dishes are in the wash (or waiting for you to get to them while they “soak”), mop the floor! While the laundry is drying you can dust and polish furniture! If you manage your time wisely, after a fun trip to the movies or a nice lunch at her favorite restaurant she’ll be delighted to return to a freshly cleaned home! If you need extra help, check our handy Mother’s Day cleaning checklist to make sure you don’t mess a spot!


We love our moms every day of the year, but hopefully with the help of these simple ideas and tips this holiday will be one that your mother will cherish forever.  Good luck!


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