You Can Hire A Maid Off Amazon But I Don’t Think It’s A Good Idea

Amazon has a feature where you can buy home cleaning services straight from there sight. Convenient? Yes. Good idea? No. As a business that has used this service to get clients I can tell you how it works and why we don’t like it at all! I can also tell you much better solutions.

How Amazon cleaning services works

1. Log into

As an individual you log into you Amazon account and visit the “Home Services” department.

2. Pick the desired service for your project

From here you click the services you need and it gives you a price. The prices are flat rates that could cause you to pay to much or too little for your services making ether parties upset which creates friction during your service. I don’t know about you but when I have a service done at my house, I want it to be smooth and quick leaving everyone happy.

3. Amazon sends your request to companies signed up to receive these leads

Any company in the area can sign up and is very likely that they will be approved to receive these amazon leads. Not a lot of companies sign up so it might be possible that you won’t even find a service provider for your project.

4. Companies that received your request can accept or deny the request

The problem is that there isn’t any communication between service provider and service seeker. The service dates needed might not fit both schedules but there is no communication on picking a different day. And the service provider might not even be capable or bring everything necessary for the project.

5. The service provider shows up and everyone is a little awkward because the job is just being discussed during the time it should be getting completed

No one knew exactly what to expect so now that it’s time to get your job completed it’s taking longer or not getting completed because there was no previous discussions.

You don’t know who is going to clean your house

With this service there is no in-home estimate, no beforehand phone call, and no contact between cleaning professional and homeowner until you get a knock at your door. Amazon does do background checks and check for business legitimacy but amazon isn’t local, do they really know who does a good job?

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