How To Clean A Stainless Steel Air Vent That’s Above Your Stove Top

How To Clean A Stainless Steel Air Vent That’s Above Your Stove Top

Above stove air vents (range hoods) are almost always covered in grease. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is cleaned every 6 months or weekly. If you cook, your hood range is going to get dirty. Grease, dust, finger prints. this is how to clean a stainless steel above stove air vent. By the end of this article you will know how to make your stainless steel range hood be clear of grease and shine like new.

Before You Start Cleaning Tips

  • To avoid unnatural smears always wipe in the direction of the stainless steel grain
  • Always spray your cleaning product directly on your cleaning rag to avoid slippery and damaging products from resting on your floor.
  • Never use the same rag for two different cleaning solutions
  • Learn more about general stainless steel cleaning here.

1. We need to gather our cleaning supplies

When cleaning any area of your home I believe that your selection of supplies is extremely important. This is definitely true in a kitchen that features stainless steel appliances. We want to choose products that help the hood range shine and not leave behind ugly smudges. For this clean, we will depend on 2 products. We are going to need a stainless steel cleaner and a stainless steel polish.

409 Stone & Steel Cleaner

This is an amazing cleaning product that helps remove grease and fingerprints from stainless steel. It’s the only stainless steel cleaners that I have found to actually work. What makes this product different from other cleaners and polishes is this product cleans down deep. It’s able to remove dirtiness from your appliances without damaging them.

Zep Stainless Steel Polish

Zep makes a fantastic stainless steel polish. I have found that this polish vs all others is better at leaving a consistent shine that lasts a long time. This difference in the polish and the cleaner is the polish doesn’t really clean. The polish is oily and helps make the stainless steel look glossy. Because of the oily base polish has it leaves your hood range with a like-new gloss.

Microfiber Cloths

You are going to need four microfiber rags in total. Two drying rags (one for the cleaner and one for the polish). you will also need one rag for applying the cleaner and one rag for applying the polish. I ALWAYS recommend using clean rags and don’t use the same rag for two different cleaning products. We want to use microfiber rags because they help spread cleaning product evenly and are gentle on your stainless steel surfaces.

2. Clean your air vent with the stone and steel cleaner

We always need to start the cleaning process with our cleaner. The cleaner’s job is going to be to remove all the built-up grease. This process is going to use two rags. You are going to use one rag for cleaning the steel and another rag for drying. Remember to always spray your cleaning product directly on the rag and not on the stainless steel its self. Also always wipe in the direction of the grain.

After you have cleaned the stainless steel go ahead and switch to your drying rag and dry the air vent thoroughly. Once you have finished drying the 409 stone and steel cleaner go ahead and swap your rags out for two new unused rags so we can begin the next step.

3. Polish your range hood with Zeps stainless steel polish

Once your air vent has been fully cleaned and all the grease has been removed it’s time to polish it. The polish is going to remove any minor steaks the cleaner may have left behind. The steel polish is also going to leave behind a glossy coat that will brighten up your kitchen.

Remember to follow the same practices we used before. Spray this product on your rag not the range, wipe in the direction of the grain and dry the product after you applied it.


Follow this article as your guide to a clean and shiny like-new kitchen air vent and range hood.

This Magical Trick Will Help You Clean A Microwave Fast And With Ease

This Magical Trick Will Help You Clean A Microwave Fast And With Ease

If you are anything like me, you hate taking the time to clean the microwave oven. It’s not that it’s hard to clean it. I’ve actually come across a trick to cleaning the microwave that makes it so easy a child could do it. It’s something about the angle. Having to clean on top of the inside, the sides, and having to pull the glass plate out to clean underneath. 

I assume it’s difficult to stay on top of cleaning your microwave also or maybe your instant oven is just extra dirty from food splatter right now. Well, like I said, I have a trick that makes it extra easy to clean a microwave oven. Even if it’s really nasty.

What you will need to clean your microwave oven

Before we start, we are going to need a few things. 

  • 3 microfiber rags (honestly this is one of the only appliances where paper towels could work)
  • 3 sheets of paper towels folded together to make a square
  • A multi-surface cleaning product of your choice (I use method)

The Magic (Wet Paper Towel) Trick To Clean A Microwave

We are going to use a moist paper towel to create steam inside of your microwave and remove all unwanted food splatters and buildup.

Step 1. Fold your 3 paper towels over its self till you have a small square shape.

Paper towel folded into a square.
Fold your towels together so they will hold the most amount of water.

Step 2. Soak your paper towel stack with tap water.

The paper towels can be lightly rang out but I think the more water the better. 

Wetting down paper towel using the kitchen faucet until it's dripping wet.
Run your paper towel square under water until it is soaking wet.

Step 3. Place your wet paper towels in the microwave for 30 – 45 seconds.

The water and warm air from the microwave will start to create steam and steam helps loosen up almost all kinds of nasty gunk, grease, and dirt. 

An exterior shot of the microwave oven. Showing the timer set to 45 seconds.
Set the instant oven to 45 seconds and press start. (Sorry the outside of this microwave is so dirty… That’s why we are cleaning it!)

Step 4. Pull the glass plate out of the microwave and dump the wet paper towel in the sink.

Be careful, the paper towel is still very hot.

Dirty microwave glass plate sitting in the kitchen sink ready to be cleaned off.
Leave the plate and hot paper towel in the sink for just a second to cool off. You don’t want to burn yourself!

Step 5. Use your first microfiber cloth and wipe all interior areas of the microwave oven.

Don’t forget to clean the top, side walls, bottom, glass plate and microwave oven door.

Wiping the inside of a dirty microwave oven with a clean microfiber cloth.
Don’t miss any spots. Hit all the areas of the microwave.

Step 6. Use a second microfiber rag to dry all the areas you just cleaned and remove any leftover specs of food.

Step 7. Put the plate back inside the microwave.

Step 8. Use your third microfiber rag and clean the exterior of your microwave oven.

Bottle of method degreaser being used to clean grease and food off the exterior of the microwave appliance.
Use a multi-surface, degreaser, or window cleaner of your liking to clean the outside of your microwave.

The Wet Paper Towel Trick Will Help You Clean A Microwave or Instant Oven Fast And Easy.

Simply follow my guidelines of how to utilize a wet paper towel to steam clean the interior of your microwave oven. Soon, your microwave appliance will look beautiful and new again.

Interested in this cleaning tip blog post? We post articles like this every day!

10 Most Common Areas Overlooked While Cleaning

10 Most Common Areas Overlooked While Cleaning

Your home is beautiful and you keep it looking super clean all the time. But sometimes it’s the areas that you overlook that stops your home from having that true “like new” shine. This is the most common areas overlooked while cleaning. I hope the list will help you recognize where most people miss while cleaning so you don’t ever overlook an area again!

Clean the Bottom of Your Toilets

The grooves under the toilet catch a lot of unnoticed dust, urine, and unwanted bacteria. This area of your toilet should be cleaned bi-weekly and definitely more frequently in bathrooms used by young males.

Dirty base of toilet that hasnt been cleaned in a while.

Disinfect Your Toilet Paper Dispensers

Have you ever thought about what you do when you use this dispenser? Do I need to say more? This area of your bathroom is full of bacteria and is hardly ever cleaned in any home.

Dust Your Ceiling Fans

It’s not that you don’t know dust collects on your ceiling fans but these areas are frequently missed. To avoid the need of heavy cleaning in the future, take 2 minutes a month to dust these areas. If you keep up with them, it’s as easy as rubbing a duster on them.

Clean Fingerprints, Dust, and Scuffs off of Interior Doors

It’s not something that typically needs to be done more than once or twice a year but it is over looked. To keep a house looking nice and elegant clean your doors yearly.

Heavily Clean Cabinets Above Stove

All cabinets need to be cleaned more frequently than you are cleaning them, but we want to focus on the cabinets directly above the stove most. These cabinets get grease covered and look aged much faster that the rest of the cabinets. Clean these after every heavy cooking and remember to use your stove vent every time.

Clean Your Stove Vent

These areas are expected to get grease and should be cleaned yearly to insure long lasting and properly working stove vents.

Image from

Dust Air-Conditioning Intake Vents

Air is constantly circulating through your home. To help your home from accumulating dust clean these vents when you change your air filters.

Clean and Disinfect the Inside of Your Drains

You have no idea how many times I’ve gone to clean around a garbage disposal and have found the most nasty case of mold and fungi.

Image from

Dust and Clean all the Baseboards in Your Home

I’ve noticed that clean baseboards make a home look 1000X newer. It’s not hard but let’s be honest, it’s also not fun. Yearly or every 6 months, take some time to go over them with a damp cloth to get all the nasty dust and gunk off.

Dust all of Your Window Blinds

Did you ever notice your blinds get dirty? Take a quick moment to look over yours and I bet they are. Be gentle and dust these about every 2 months to keep them looking like new!


Now you know the areas of the home that are typically neglected. Use this knowledge to keep your home looking like new and happy cleaning!

For more cleaning tips and help check out ExBode Clean.

4 Tips On How To Stay On Top Of Doing Laundry

4 Tips On How To Stay On Top Of Doing Laundry

Laundry is one of those things that no one likes doing. It’s boring, time-consuming and depending on living situation doing laundry can be extremely inconvenient. For people that live in homes with no in-unit washer or dryer, this is going to be a task that’s always going to be a bit difficult. For people that have in-unit hookups, I’ll help you enjoy clean laundry without the stress!

1. Never Put Clean Laundry In A Basket

The biggest mistake I’ve made while doing laundry is putty clean laundry back in a laundry basket. It’ a bad habit for two reasons.

  1. Someone else might mix it up for dirty laundry
  2. I’ve found throwing clean laundry straight of the dryer into a basket makes it easier to get it out of the way and push off folding and putting it away.

The alternative is to keep the top of your dryer 100% cleared off and well dusted. Use this space as a folding area. As you grab clothes out of the dryer fold it and stack it on top of the dryer. When you have finished unloading your dryer put the laundry away.

2. Do Small Loads Daily Or Every Other Day

Depending on your families size you might want to choose daily or every other day. The goal here is to do much smaller loads. When you take on smaller tasks it makes the tasks seem much easier and not as much like a sluggish chore.

My wife and I are the only two people in out household. We still run the washer and dryer daily. It makes the doing laundry task super easy and quick. The best perk is we now never have laundry sitting around everywhere!

3. Don’t Throw Clothes On The Floor Or In A Hamper

  1. Clothes on the floor is tacky and makes your entire home look messy.
  2. Leaving dirty clothes in a hamper or behind doors is a sure way to forget about them.

Instead, always take your clothes directly to the washer and throw them in. (Obviously, sort whites. Lucky for me we almost always wear dark colors.)

4. Never Leave Your Home While Laundry Is In A Cycle

A sure way to forget about your laundry and have nasty smelling “clean” clothes is to leave your home while you are doing laundry. The next day you will wake up “where is my shirt?” and then realize it’s stiff, smelly, and still sitting in the washing machine.

You’re busy, again, I get it. If you have to leave tell someone that is home or will be home soon, set phone reminders for later in the day, or set a time delay so the cycle is ending after you get home.


Laundry is a huge chore and a TON of work. No one likes to do it and it’s extremely inconvenient. Luckily for us, there are processes we can take to help us stay on top of our laundry tasks. My biggest tip is to just do it and get it done as quick as possible. Add laundry to your to-do goal list every day. Follow these practices and soon your friends will wonder how you are so good about staying on top of laundry!

How to clean stainless steel refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and other appliances.

How to clean stainless steel refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and other appliances.

Properly cleaning stainless steel appliances is a common issue with a very easy unknown solution. The solution consists of two products 409 stainless steel cleaner and stainless steel polish from the zep brand. To complete this project you will also need two microfiber rags. 2 rags are used for the cleaning product and the other 2 rags are used for drying these stainless steel after the Polish and cleaner have been applied.

What causes the streakiness?

Streaking this is common in stainless steel appliances when not maintained properly. Stainless steel is a tough appliance that looks very good but it’s understandable if did not realize the effort it takes to maintain it. Streakiness is caused by stainless steel polish wearing off over time, water splashes dripping down the appliances and fingerprints. This article will explain how to remove the streakiness but it will have to be maintained every couple of weeks to months if you want your stainless steel to always look its best.

Freshly cleaned and polished stainless steel appliances.
What a beautiful kitchen.

Step #1. Spray the 409 stainless steel cleaner directly on one of the microfiber rags.

Try to spray this product directly on the rag. Spraying any product directly on the stainless steel will result in cleaning product film falling on your kitchen floor. This will make floors very slick and can damage seafloor based on material used.

Step #2. Start wiping and cleaning the stainless steel. Make sure to wipe in the direction of v stainless steels grain.

It’s important to wipe in the same direction of the grain to prevent weird smudging, damage to the stainless steel, and unwanted streakiness.

Step #3. Grab a dry and clean microfiber rag and dry the stainless steel surface. Again, make sure to wipe in the same direction as the stainless steels grain.

This is an important step because it removes all of the wet stainless steel cleaner before applying at the Polish. if you apply both at the same time it can create an end result that is not perfect. it will not destroy or harm your stainless steel but it just will not look the best.

Step #4. With a new rag. Your third rag. Spray your zep stainless steel polish directly on the rag.

Again, do not spray this product directly on the stainless steel. this product is very oily and will make your floors slick as well as leave behind a residue that is hard to mop up.

Step #5. Lightly White these stainless steel with the grain until you have covered the entire surface with stainless steel polish.

The stainless steel should all be one shade and should look the same throughout the entire surface. make sure you have all your kitchen lights on to ensure you did not miss any areas.

Step #6. Repeat step number three only use your last clean rag.

The clean rag is important because the 409 stainless steel cleaner that is on the old drying rag can remove your stainless steel polish making your stainless steel not as shiny in areas.

A woman working for ExBode of Northwest Arkansas cleaning and poliching stainless steel.
Need your stainless steel polished? Let ExBode help!


These are the six steps to remove stickiness from your stainless steel appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwasher, microwave, and stove or oven. now that you have followed these six steps your stainless steel appliances should look brand new. If they do not look brand new please leave your questions in the comments below and I will answer them as quickly as possible.

How to properly clean wood floors. What are the best practices?

How to properly clean wood floors. What are the best practices?

Wood floors are gorgeous, they are expensive, and they are hard to clean. So what are the best practices to clean wood floors? Honestly, following these principles for cleaning wood floors will not only make your wood floors look their best but will also keep them in great condition for a very long period of time.

What products you should use

There’s only one kind of wood cleaner that I would recommend to anyone. Even as an all natural (rather mostly all natural) cleaning service, I still only use and only recommend this product for real wood floors. It doesn’t matter if it’s cedar floors, oak floors, ect. The go-to wood floor cleaner is Bona. Now bona does offer other floor cleaning solutions than just wood floor cleaner so you want to make sure to buy the cleaner that is specific for wood floors.

Why Bona is the best floor cleaning solution

Bona came onto the market as the wood floor Cleaning specialists. For a very long time wood floors was all that Bona focused on. With as much time effort and money the bone nut company put into learning how to properly clean and restore wood floors they are by far the most dominant and the wood floor cleaning industry. Bona is trusted and proven to do a great job and keep your wood floors and the best condition for a long time.

What kind of mop you should use

Say goodbye to your old smelly ring out mop. For best practice, you need to get a mop that has a velcro-on microfiber pad. Clean the floors one time and then wash your microfiber pad. Never use a dirty mop pad while mopping your floors. Because of the style of mop you will be using we will not be using a sink, or mop bucket. Instead you will need to also invest in a spray bottle. Bona does also make its own spray bottle. I always like to buy the bigger refill jugs of Bona because it is cheaper in the long run but it does take up more space.

Proper mopping techniques

How does the cleaning process look? First, we use our spray bottle to spray a little bit in front of us. Remember to never spray the entire floor as you may step in the liquid and then make footprint marks throughout your entire floor even after you have mopped the floors. For best practice and outcome always mop your floors with the grain of the wood. make sure to let your wood floors completely dry before walking on them again.
Bran new home with beautiful hard wood floors.
Are you moving into a new home and have wood floors for the first time? ExBode can help you clean your wood floors!


Follow this article as a guide and your wood floors will turn out looking perfect and beautiful every time. It will also help your wood floors stay in amazing condition throughout the years.

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