If you are anything like me, you hate taking the time to clean the microwave oven. It’s not that it’s hard to clean it. I’ve actually come across a trick to cleaning the microwave that makes it so easy a child could do it. It’s something about the angle. Having to clean on top of the inside, the sides, and having to pull the glass plate out to clean underneath. 

I assume it’s difficult to stay on top of cleaning your microwave also or maybe your instant oven is just extra dirty from food splatter right now. Well, like I said, I have a trick that makes it extra easy to clean a microwave oven. Even if it’s really nasty.

What you will need to clean your microwave oven

Before we start, we are going to need a few things. 

  • 3 microfiber rags (honestly this is one of the only appliances where paper towels could work)
  • 3 sheets of paper towels folded together to make a square
  • A multi-surface cleaning product of your choice (I use method)

The Magic (Wet Paper Towel) Trick To Clean A Microwave

We are going to use a moist paper towel to create steam inside of your microwave and remove all unwanted food splatters and buildup.

Step 1. Fold your 3 paper towels over its self till you have a small square shape.

Paper towel folded into a square.
Fold your towels together so they will hold the most amount of water.

Step 2. Soak your paper towel stack with tap water.

The paper towels can be lightly rang out but I think the more water the better. 

Wetting down paper towel using the kitchen faucet until it's dripping wet.
Run your paper towel square under water until it is soaking wet.

Step 3. Place your wet paper towels in the microwave for 30 – 45 seconds.

The water and warm air from the microwave will start to create steam and steam helps loosen up almost all kinds of nasty gunk, grease, and dirt. 

An exterior shot of the microwave oven. Showing the timer set to 45 seconds.
Set the instant oven to 45 seconds and press start. (Sorry the outside of this microwave is so dirty… That’s why we are cleaning it!)

Step 4. Pull the glass plate out of the microwave and dump the wet paper towel in the sink.

Be careful, the paper towel is still very hot.

Dirty microwave glass plate sitting in the kitchen sink ready to be cleaned off.
Leave the plate and hot paper towel in the sink for just a second to cool off. You don’t want to burn yourself!

Step 5. Use your first microfiber cloth and wipe all interior areas of the microwave oven.

Don’t forget to clean the top, side walls, bottom, glass plate and microwave oven door.

Wiping the inside of a dirty microwave oven with a clean microfiber cloth.
Don’t miss any spots. Hit all the areas of the microwave.

Step 6. Use a second microfiber rag to dry all the areas you just cleaned and remove any leftover specs of food.

Step 7. Put the plate back inside the microwave.

Step 8. Use your third microfiber rag and clean the exterior of your microwave oven.

Bottle of method degreaser being used to clean grease and food off the exterior of the microwave appliance.
Use a multi-surface, degreaser, or window cleaner of your liking to clean the outside of your microwave.

The Wet Paper Towel Trick Will Help You Clean A Microwave or Instant Oven Fast And Easy.

Simply follow my guidelines of how to utilize a wet paper towel to steam clean the interior of your microwave oven. Soon, your microwave appliance will look beautiful and new again.

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