Above stove air vents (range hoods) are almost always covered in grease. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is cleaned every 6 months or weekly. If you cook, your hood range is going to get dirty. Grease, dust, finger prints. this is how to clean a stainless steel above stove air vent. By the end of this article you will know how to make your stainless steel range hood be clear of grease and shine like new.

Before You Start Cleaning Tips

  • To avoid unnatural smears always wipe in the direction of the stainless steel grain
  • Always spray your cleaning product directly on your cleaning rag to avoid slippery and damaging products from resting on your floor.
  • Never use the same rag for two different cleaning solutions
  • Learn more about general stainless steel cleaning here.

1. We need to gather our cleaning supplies

When cleaning any area of your home I believe that your selection of supplies is extremely important. This is definitely true in a kitchen that features stainless steel appliances. We want to choose products that help the hood range shine and not leave behind ugly smudges. For this clean, we will depend on 2 products. We are going to need a stainless steel cleaner and a stainless steel polish.

409 Stone & Steel Cleaner

This is an amazing cleaning product that helps remove grease and fingerprints from stainless steel. It’s the only stainless steel cleaners that I have found to actually work. What makes this product different from other cleaners and polishes is this product cleans down deep. It’s able to remove dirtiness from your appliances without damaging them.

Zep Stainless Steel Polish

Zep makes a fantastic stainless steel polish. I have found that this polish vs all others is better at leaving a consistent shine that lasts a long time. This difference in the polish and the cleaner is the polish doesn’t really clean. The polish is oily and helps make the stainless steel look glossy. Because of the oily base polish has it leaves your hood range with a like-new gloss.

Microfiber Cloths

You are going to need four microfiber rags in total. Two drying rags (one for the cleaner and one for the polish). you will also need one rag for applying the cleaner and one rag for applying the polish. I ALWAYS recommend using clean rags and don’t use the same rag for two different cleaning products. We want to use microfiber rags because they help spread cleaning product evenly and are gentle on your stainless steel surfaces.

2. Clean your air vent with the stone and steel cleaner

We always need to start the cleaning process with our cleaner. The cleaner’s job is going to be to remove all the built-up grease. This process is going to use two rags. You are going to use one rag for cleaning the steel and another rag for drying. Remember to always spray your cleaning product directly on the rag and not on the stainless steel its self. Also always wipe in the direction of the grain.

After you have cleaned the stainless steel go ahead and switch to your drying rag and dry the air vent thoroughly. Once you have finished drying the 409 stone and steel cleaner go ahead and swap your rags out for two new unused rags so we can begin the next step.

3. Polish your range hood with Zeps stainless steel polish

Once your air vent has been fully cleaned and all the grease has been removed it’s time to polish it. The polish is going to remove any minor steaks the cleaner may have left behind. The steel polish is also going to leave behind a glossy coat that will brighten up your kitchen.

Remember to follow the same practices we used before. Spray this product on your rag not the range, wipe in the direction of the grain and dry the product after you applied it.


Follow this article as your guide to a clean and shiny like-new kitchen air vent and range hood.

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