There Are 5 Main Steps To Have A Super Clean Shower

In order to have a super clean shower we need to keep up with this shower cleaning process. If you can clean the shower every 2 weeks the shower will become super easy to clean as water stains and soap scum won’t be building on the walls as thick. If you have not cleaned your shower in the past 4 or more months do yourself a favor and lean about shower deep-cleaning as there is a difference.

1. Remove all bottles, bar soaps, and other items from the shower

The cleaning process goes much faster if you remove all items from the shower. Without removing the bottles you will not be able to see the scum, hairs, and possible mold under the bottles and soaps.

2. Clean the shower with soap and water and a microfiber cloth

Other bathroom cleaning products can be used but I recommend soap and water because it does a great job cleaning without the fumes of heavy product. Start on the top and work your way down. Depending on how dirty the shower was you might want to take another dry rag to wipe all the hairs the wet rag didn’t collect. If you run into heavy soap scum try some products that help break the scum up.

3. Clean all bottles and other items you took out of the shower

Shampoo bottles tend to get very scummy and then drips onto the rest of the shower making cleaning harder. Clean these bottles each time you clean your shower and don’t forget to clean under the cap!

4. Disinfect the shower with bleach

You don’t have to use a lot and you don’t have to use bleach. I use bleach because I know it kills bacteria fast! Spray a little amount on each wall of the shower and then a little on your rag. Rub the bleach all over the shower to disinfect.

5. Put your soaps, bottles, and other items back in the shower

Some tips here are to put bar soaps on a bar soap holder that allows the bottom to dry. This helps prevent soap scum from dripping down your shower. Try to put all bottles and items in areas that get less wet.

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