4 Cleaning Products That Will Help You Clean A Shower Covered In Soap Scum Faster

We clean a lot of showers and we clean a lot of really dirty showers. With that being said I would like to share with you the products we use to clean showers that help the cleaning process go faster and stay clean longer! Buy all these cleaning supplies for less at Walmart.com

1. Magic Erasers

Magic Erasers are becoming a regular house hold essential at this point and there’s no surprise why. These little magic sponges can help scrub soap scum off shower walls, glass doors, facets, and floors with half the energy as if you didn’t use one. Out of all 3 products you must have while cleaning a shower Magic Erasers are the most essential!

2. Soft Scrub (with or without bleach)

Soft Scrub is an amazing product when it comes to cleaning soap scum. The product is very thick and textured and helps dig deep into the scum. Soft scrub with or without bleach will help a lot but there are some pros and cons with using one our the other. With bleach has a much more stronger scent but does have bleach so it helps bring the white coloring back to your shower faster.

3. 2 in 1 Bath and Tile Brush By Unger

This brush is fantastic in the shower and will help reduce the amount of scrubbing time in half. The brush has stiff bristles for digging through the scum but isn’t to stiff that if would damage your shower. Pick one up today at your local Home Depot.

4. Rain-X Water Repellent

Rain-X can be found in the car cleaning isle of your local Walmart and is known for helping rain drip off your windshield faster. Not known for it’s magical powers in the shower but it does help water stains and soap scum build-up for appearing as fast. The product is oily so I don’t recommend putting it on the showers floor but the product is great for walls and shower doors.

Don’t Want To Clean It Yourself?

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