One-Time + Seasonal

Save $75 On Our Deep-Cleaning Service

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One-Time + Seasonal Cleaning

Save $75 On Our Deep-Cleaning Service

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Deep-Cleaning isn’t your everyday cleaning. Deep-Cleaning is excessive over the top and under the bottom service that includes cleaning almost all interior areas of your home. This type of service should be done once or twice a year depending on your living style.

What We Cover

Interior + Exterior Appliances

Exterior Cabinets + Drawers

Ceiling Fans + Light Fixtures

Interior Windows

Window Blinds

Doors + Trim + Baseboards

Tubs + Showers


Making + Tidy Beds

Vacuuming + Mopping

Dusting + Cleaning Furniture

Overall Clean

Our Perks

Top Cleaning Pros

We strive to find and hire the most qualified cleaning professionals in Northwest Arkansas.

Bonded + Insured

Ensuring you are protected in case of injuries and damaged or misplaced items. 

Customer Review Focused

Listening to what our customer think and making changes along the way. Giving you a better cleaning experience.

Stricked Background Checks

All of our employees have a clean background and are 100% bondable.

Extensive Training + Product Knowledge

We take the time to test new products and procedures. Ensuring we are using the most effective methods everywhere.

Locally Owned + Operated

Hire us knowing that we are here for our community and if issues come up, the owners handle it.

Our Team

Neil Sanders | President

Since 2017 Neil Sanders has been growing the trust of the Northwest Arkansas community. Neil’s abilities to thoroughly communicate and stay on top of rental schedules has helped achieve the satisfaction of hundreds of customers.

Hannah Sanders | Vice President

Hannah joined Neil in late 2017 to help maintain a great reputation. Hannah’s job entails making sure all cleaning procedures have been completed and that your home is in enjoyable condition.

Save $75 On Our Deep-Cleaning Service

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