Properly cleaning stainless steel appliances is a common issue with a very easy unknown solution. The solution consists of two products 409 stainless steel cleaner and stainless steel polish from the zep brand. To complete this project you will also need two microfiber rags. 2 rags are used for the cleaning product and the other 2 rags are used for drying these stainless steel after the Polish and cleaner have been applied.

What causes the streakiness?

Streaking this is common in stainless steel appliances when not maintained properly. Stainless steel is a tough appliance that looks very good but it’s understandable if did not realize the effort it takes to maintain it. Streakiness is caused by stainless steel polish wearing off over time, water splashes dripping down the appliances and fingerprints. This article will explain how to remove the streakiness but it will have to be maintained every couple of weeks to months if you want your stainless steel to always look its best.

Freshly cleaned and polished stainless steel appliances.
What a beautiful kitchen.

Step #1. Spray the 409 stainless steel cleaner directly on one of the microfiber rags.

Try to spray this product directly on the rag. Spraying any product directly on the stainless steel will result in cleaning product film falling on your kitchen floor. This will make floors very slick and can damage seafloor based on material used.

Step #2. Start wiping and cleaning the stainless steel. Make sure to wipe in the direction of v stainless steels grain.

It’s important to wipe in the same direction of the grain to prevent weird smudging, damage to the stainless steel, and unwanted streakiness.

Step #3. Grab a dry and clean microfiber rag and dry the stainless steel surface. Again, make sure to wipe in the same direction as the stainless steels grain.

This is an important step because it removes all of the wet stainless steel cleaner before applying at the Polish. if you apply both at the same time it can create an end result that is not perfect. it will not destroy or harm your stainless steel but it just will not look the best.

Step #4. With a new rag. Your third rag. Spray your zep stainless steel polish directly on the rag.

Again, do not spray this product directly on the stainless steel. this product is very oily and will make your floors slick as well as leave behind a residue that is hard to mop up.

Step #5. Lightly White these stainless steel with the grain until you have covered the entire surface with stainless steel polish.

The stainless steel should all be one shade and should look the same throughout the entire surface. make sure you have all your kitchen lights on to ensure you did not miss any areas.

Step #6. Repeat step number three only use your last clean rag.

The clean rag is important because the 409 stainless steel cleaner that is on the old drying rag can remove your stainless steel polish making your stainless steel not as shiny in areas.

A woman working for ExBode of Northwest Arkansas cleaning and poliching stainless steel.
Need your stainless steel polished? Let ExBode help!


These are the six steps to remove stickiness from your stainless steel appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwasher, microwave, and stove or oven. now that you have followed these six steps your stainless steel appliances should look brand new. If they do not look brand new please leave your questions in the comments below and I will answer them as quickly as possible.

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