Wood floors are gorgeous, they are expensive, and they are hard to clean. So what are the best practices to clean wood floors? Honestly, following these principles for cleaning wood floors will not only make your wood floors look their best but will also keep them in great condition for a very long period of time.

What products you should use

There’s only one kind of wood cleaner that I would recommend to anyone. Even as an all natural (rather mostly all natural) cleaning service, I still only use and only recommend this product for real wood floors. It doesn’t matter if it’s cedar floors, oak floors, ect. The go-to wood floor cleaner is Bona. Now bona does offer other floor cleaning solutions than just wood floor cleaner so you want to make sure to buy the cleaner that is specific for wood floors.

Why Bona is the best floor cleaning solution

Bona came onto the market as the wood floor Cleaning specialists. For a very long time wood floors was all that Bona focused on. With as much time effort and money the bone nut company put into learning how to properly clean and restore wood floors they are by far the most dominant and the wood floor cleaning industry. Bona is trusted and proven to do a great job and keep your wood floors and the best condition for a long time.

What kind of mop you should use

Say goodbye to your old smelly ring out mop. For best practice, you need to get a mop that has a velcro-on microfiber pad. Clean the floors one time and then wash your microfiber pad. Never use a dirty mop pad while mopping your floors. Because of the style of mop you will be using we will not be using a sink, or mop bucket. Instead you will need to also invest in a spray bottle. Bona does also make its own spray bottle. I always like to buy the bigger refill jugs of Bona because it is cheaper in the long run but it does take up more space.

Proper mopping techniques

How does the cleaning process look? First, we use our spray bottle to spray a little bit in front of us. Remember to never spray the entire floor as you may step in the liquid and then make footprint marks throughout your entire floor even after you have mopped the floors. For best practice and outcome always mop your floors with the grain of the wood. make sure to let your wood floors completely dry before walking on them again.
Bran new home with beautiful hard wood floors.
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Follow this article as a guide and your wood floors will turn out looking perfect and beautiful every time. It will also help your wood floors stay in amazing condition throughout the years.

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