First, I want to introduce us. We are ExBode Clean. A local maid service in Bentonville, Arkansas. We are up and coming and one day will be the leading maid company in NWA. If you have a second I want to explain to you why I believe why we have what it takes to win your business and keep you as a customer long term.

Simply put, we are taking the steps necessary to make sure the customer experience is flawless.

To us, this means a few things. For you to have a perfect experience while hiring a maid company we have to make it easy for you. Easy to book appointments, easy to remember your appointments, easy to pay, and easy to reschedule when needed. Another step in the flawless experience is ensuring the cleaning service was as expected. That’s why at ExBode Clean we double check our work and always ask our customers for feedback.

For more information about how great our customer service is, check out our Customer Satisfaction Program.

Extensive Product Knowledge And Training

Our maids, housekeepers, and cleaning professionals believe it’s important to keep learning and growing. I’m very confident to say that our cleaning pros have the best product knowledge in Bentonville, AR. From daily cleaners to specialized products for unique tasks.

Using Natural Products So You Family Is Happy And Healthy

We believe that it’s important to hire a company that actually cares about your family. A big reason why ExBode Clean is the best house cleaning service in Bentonville is that we use organic and natural products. Some people are in debate if these products are as good at killing bacteria or not. Simply, they kill just as much bacteria, they smell great and these cleaners are healthier for you!

Hire The Best Local Maid Service In Bentonville, Arkansas

If you are ready to hire a maid company that will go above and beyond, do a great job, and makes the experience easy while using healthy products, you need to hire ExBode Clean.

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