There are a ton of local cleaning companies so how do you make the choice of who to hire? ExBode Clean is the best maid service in Bentonville, Arkansas. Let me tell you why.

Why You Should Hire Exbode Clean For Your Recurring Cleaning Needs

We are local and offer all of the benefits of a national franchise

We work hard to not just make your home look spotless but also to make the hiring process easy. Our goal is to offer a local solution for your cleaning needs that compete with Molly Maids, Merry Maid, and MaidPro. Giving you the local support you need while providing a 5-star service you can count on.

ExBode Clean Makes Scheduling Easy

Whether you hire us just one time or every week, it’s always easy to schedule appointments with us. Our appointment hours are flexible. You can book us by phone, text, or even through our website.

Flexible Cleaning Packages & Products

ExBode Clean offers multiple cleaning packages to ensure they are cleaning the areas that need to be cleaned most. All of ExBodes cleaning packages can be customized and changed to fit your needs. ExBode also offers a large selection of cleaning products and product knowledge.

Bonded, Insured & Background Checked

While letting people in your home it’s good to know that you’re belongings are safe. Our bond, insurance, and background checked employees help our clients feel at ease.

The insurance covers home owners for up to $1,000,000 in damages or accidents. While our bond covers home owners for up to $100,000 in misplaced items. Background checks let our customers know we hire maids you can trust.

An Affordable Cleaning service

We understand that it’s hard to afford all the things your home needs. That’s why our recurring maid service is affordable. We want you and your family to enjoy a clean home, now you can! Hire ExBode Clean for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning and expect a price that is reasonable.

A higher quality Maid Service

We don’t believe in doing just enough to get the job done. When you hire us, you will receive a service that is worth telling your friends about. We clean areas till they are spotless, perfect and shining like new.

We help keep your home looking like new and at it’s very best. Most of the time, better than when you bought it.

So, Why Is ExBode Clean The Best Maid Service In Bentonville Arkansas?

ExBode Clean is the best maid service in Bentonville, Arkansas because of quality. We make it easy for our customers to enjoy a clean house. Easy scheduling, easy payments and likable staff that cares for you.

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