Molly Maid is quite possibly the most known cleaning franchises in America

Have you heard of Molly Maid? Chances are, you have. Molly Maid was founded in 1979 as a Canadian company but moved to America in 1984. Over the last 50 years the company has exploded. Today, there are more than 400 Molly Maid franchisees in over 5 countries.

The services Molly Maid offers

Molly Maid is know for there recurring maid services but there is a lot more they offer. This company also focuses on services like Move-In & Move-Out and Deep-Cleaning and ever service comes with a 24 hour guarantee.

Is Molly Maid worth hiring?

I think hiring any franchising service company comes down to the management. For the most part, I would say yes. All franchisees have to work hard to maintain a reputation and follow the guarantee. All of these franchising companies are also well bonded and insured and in my eyes that’s comforting. If you would like to move forward with hiring Molly Maid visit there website and request an estimate.

If you don’t think Molly Maid is right for you, search some local competitors.

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