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What Is The Process For Hiring ExBode Clean?

Request An Estimate

Fill out and submit the “Complete Booking” form above to send our team your request for service.

Once we receive your request we will be calling you within one business day of receiving your request. This phonecall is short and takes no more that 2 minutes. In the phonecall, we will discuss the best time to set up and in-home estimate prior to your first clean date.

15 Minute In-Home Estimate

Our in-home estimate process is short and convenient. It gives us an opportunity to introduce ourselves. Familiarizing you with our processes and answering any questions you may have. It also helps us learn what is most important to you during our house cleaning process.

At the end of this step, we talk about scheduling your clean and except the down deposit payment (if applicable).

Cleaning Your Home

The day of your cleaning service your clean team to show up within a 15-minute window of the scheduled time. The cleaning service purchaser is not required to be on-site at the time of our arrival. Your team will thoroughly clean your home.

Making Payment

After the cleaning process is complete you will receive an invoice to your mobile device or email. You have the option to pay online, pay with cash or pay with a personal check.

All payments must be made within 48 hours after the cleaning process has been completed. If different arrangements need to be made please let our staff know ahead of time.

When Will I Be Charged?

Free Estimates

In-home house cleaning estimates are always 100% free of charge.


Clients are charged a deposit fee before scheduling a one-time or seasonal deep-clean. A deposit is also due before scheduling an initial deep-clean for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly customers.

Final Payments

Final invoices are sent out the day of service, after we have cleaned your home. Payments are due within 48 hours of job completion. If payments are not made within 48 hours a late fee of 5% will be charged for each day past the due date.

If you need to schedule an alternative payment plan, talk with an ExBode Clean representative while scheduling your cleaning service.

Is ExBode Clean Bonded & Insured?

100% Bonded & Insured

Protecting you and your family from accidents & misplaced items. 


ExBode Clean is insured for broken belongings and damages up to $1,000,000. 


In the case that you have personal belongings come up missing, ExBode Clean is fully bonded. Protecting your belongings for up to $100,000.

Who Will Be Cleaning My House?

Exbode Clean is family owned and operated. Ensuring your house is being cleaned by professionals you can trust.

Your Top Rated NWA Cleaning Service Provider

Proven and loved by the Northwest Arkansas community with over 70 5-star reviews throughout the internet.

Priced Under National Averages

Customers save up to 40% on cleaning services when they choose ExBode Clean over national franchises.

Estimated Price Or Less Guaranteed

We hate surprise bills so we don’t give them. Hire ExBode Clean and you will never pay over the estimated price.

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