Soft Scrub is a must have when it comes to cleaning heavy buildup like soap scum.

Soft Scrub is a very thick and textured product that helps dig into messes to lift them out. It comes both with bleach and without bleach. I can’t tell a huge difference in cleaning ability between the two other than I imagine the “with bleach” version helps fight off Bacteria a little better. Because of the amount of chemicals and fumes I’m around on a daily basis, I tend to stick with using the all purpose without bleach.

Where and when should Soft Scrub be used?

Soft Scrub should be used in the showers when the shower is to gunked up with soap scum that you can’t wipe through it with a microfiber cloth or a magic eraser with easy.

How to clean a shower with Soft Scrub?

Squeeze some product out onto a rag and rub a layer all over the heavy buildup. Let the Soft Scrub soak for 3-5 minutes before scrubbing with a 2 in 1 Bath and Tile Brush By Unger. After all areas have been scrubbed and all the scum has been loosened spray the shower down with water to remove the product off the walls and floors. Wipe with a dry rag and you’re done!

Please note, do not use this technique while cleaning shower glass. There are special methods and steps that should be taken when dealing with glass covers in soap scum.

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