There are a lot of really awesome vacuums on the market. Out of all the vacuums, there’s one that stands out the most. They are known for having the most powerful sucking capability. They come with a 6-year warranty. And they come in many varieties of shapes and sizes. Each of which specializes in individual tasks giving you the perfect vacuum for your situation. I’m talking about Dyson vacuums.

What makes the Dyson vacuum so awesome?

Some people might get sold on the fact that it has a 6-year warranty. Honestly, I don’t think this is the best perk at all. For me, what makes the Dyson vacuums so dreamy is there sucking power and the attachments that come with the vacuums.

Dyson’s are known to have six cylinder engines in them. I don’t know what this means from a vacuum standpoint but I know that cylinders make something run harder with less effort. and you can tell this is the case with the Dyson vacuums based on their sucking capability. you can legitimately vacuum a room look inside the canister and be amazed with how much dirt you picked up. The sucking power is marvelous.

My second argument to why Dyson vacuums are so amazing is the attachments that come with these vacuums. Dyson has thought of common situations that you would need to use a vacuum for. They have also created remarkable solutions to those issues. Attachments like the blind cleaner, c mattress tool, and the pet hair remover. That is just a short list of some of my favorite Dyson vacuum attachments.

What is the absolute best Dyson vacuum?

A man vacuuming a party room in his house with a dyson upright big ball vacuum.
Love Dysons? Yes, we do!

Honestly, there is no best vacuum that Dyson makes. All of the Dyson vacuums are great, but many of them serve specific purposes. For a general answer, the Dyson ball animal plus allergy would be a great choice 4 any situation. The Dyson small ball animal plus allergy is not the best vacuum though.

If you have carpet throughout your whole house or the majority of your house is carpeted, I would suggest someone to get a Dyson small-ball vacuum.

If someone has a house that has mostly hard surface floors like wood or tile I would suggest the ball canister vacuum. This vacuum is very compact and is easy to store. It does not stand upright like a traditional vacuum such as the multi-floor or big ball upright vacuums. instead, there is a canister and between two balls that roll around on the ground. You use a hose and drag the canister vacuum behind you rather than push the vacuum in front of you.

ExBode employee vacuuming hard wood floors with a dyson handheld cordless vacuum.
The Dyson handheld cordless vacuum cleaner. Super awesome!

If you have a small house that is typically very clean I would suggest the Dyson handheld vacuums. These Are wireless vacuums that can last between 40 and 60 minutes on one charge. It is plenty of charge to clean your entire house and the sucking power is still amazing compared to any other vacuum on the market.

How much do Dyson vacuums cost?

Dyson vacuums can cost anywhere from $300 up to $800 brand new. This may seem like a lot of money for a vacuum but whenever you compare its features and warranty compared to other vacuums the Dyson is the way to go.

I don’t suggest buying the $800 big ball vacuum. I have ran a cleaning business for years and my first vacuum I bought was the big ball. I actually haven’t bought a big ball upright vacuum since. Honestly, it’s a large price to pay with the only benefit being a larger canister. The Dyson small balls and all of the other Dyson vacuum products actually carry a lot of the same sucking capabilities.

What I don’t like about Dyson vacuums

So Dyson’s are very heavy duty vacuums they are not made for commercial use. Buy commercial I mean maid services. They don’t give you the ability to suck up heavy dirt’s such as sheetrock dust or heavy materials like a Shop-Vac would offer. For the typical consumer this will not be an issue. Even though they don’t offer these things I still purchase Dyson vacuums today.

With that being said Dyson vacuums do not last as long with a commercial business as they do consumers. Dyson will also look over vacuums and decide if they will be covered under warranty or not. because my vacuums are used so regularly and beat to death in a short amount of time Dyson will not replace my vacuum parts unless it was a manufacturer error.

A vacuum last my company typically between 6 and 9 months but I have had vacuums that last over a year and six months.


if you are looking to purchase a new vacuum for your house or office, look into purchasing a new Dyson vacuum. They can be purchased at any major retailer such as Wal-Mart Amazon Lowe’s home Depot Kohl’s ect.

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